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Welcome to our free podcast!

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Improving your English listening skills has never been easier!

Do you have difficulty with:

  • listening to English radio or television programmes?

  • understanding native speakers of English?

You need the Déclic Anglais podcast!

Man Listening to Headphones

It's free, it's easy and it's aimed exactly at your level.

Improve your English comprehension skills by listening to our new episodes which explore interesting topics from travel, movies and current events to how to optimise your language learning.

Never feel lost:

  • every episode is given in a "learner-friendly English" - simplified, but still challenging!

  • follow every episode with our transcripts

  • brief summaries given in French

  • new, interesting expressions explained in French and English

Some of our podcasts also come with exercises which allow you to continue building on your English even after the podcast is over.

Happy listening!

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